Wine List

    Our wine list is quite extensive with the following being representative only. We offer white wine, red wine, rose, sparkling wines and champagne for those special occasions.

    Our wines are selected from all over the world to bring you both variety and quality and are perfect accompaniments to your meal or for a quiet drink on their own.

    The following are sample menus daily specials etc can be viewed during your visit.

    White Wine



    1.Chenin Blanc, Hutton Ridge, Riebeek Valley

    South Africa. (3)

    Refreshing with a zesty style with gooseberries and ripe figs.


    4.35     5.95     16.95



    2.Catarratto-Pinot Grigio, La Riva

    Italy. (2)

    Aromatic, crisp and lively with acacia flower hints and lemon notes.


    5.00     6.75     19.95



    3.Chardonnay, Feather Falls,

    California (2)

    Ripe pear fruit with hints of vanilla.


    5.00     6.65     18.95



    4.Sauvignon Blanc, Live Wire, Marlborough

    New Zealand (1)

    Gooseberry, passionfruit and limes with exotic, herbaceous aromas.


    6.00     7.65     21.95



    5.Muscadet ‘Sur Lie’ L’ Aubiniere

    Lore Valley (1)

    Light and crisp with a dry style, citrus fruit and mineral notes.


    6.00     7.65     21.95



    Red and Rose Wines

    6.White Zinfandel, Hawkes Peak

    California (4)

    Strawberry scented with a delicious

    Watermelon finish. ALL FOOD


    5.00     6.65     18.95



    7.Pinotage Rose, Hutton Ridge

    South Africa (3)

    Elegant wine, bursting with raspberry fruit and hints

    of cherries on the finish.

    175ml 250ml Bottle

    4.60     6.25     17.95


    8.Shiraz-Cinsaut, Hutton Ridge

    South Africa (C)

    Juicy red with an array of ripe berries, a spicy style and a smooth finish.

    175ml  250ml  Bottle

    4.35     5.95     16.95


    9.Merlot, Feather Falls

    California (B)

    Flavours of rich cherries and jammy blackberries with hints of vanilla and spice on the finish.

    175ml  250ml  Bottle

    5.00     6.65     18.95



    10.Malbec, La Vaca Gorda, Mendoza

    Argentina (C)

    Soft and elegant with plums and cherries, a little spice.

    175ml  250ml  Bottle

    5.60     6.90     19.95



    11.Cabernet Sauvignon, El Campo, Reserva Privada.

    Chile (D)

    Well rounded with cassis laden palate and good structure

    175ml  250ml  Bottle

    5.00     6.65     18.95



    12.Pinot Noir, Riviera

    France (C)

    Smooth wine with soft, silky tannins, red fruit aromas.

    175ml  250ml  Bottle

    5.60     6.90     19.95



    Sparkling Wines & Champagne



    13.Prosecco Spumante, Vispo AllegroItaly (2)

    Citrus character with hints of flowers and green apples.

    Bottle 22.95


    14.Prosecco Spumante Rose, Vispo AllegroItaly (2)

    Delicate and fragrant with summer fruit and a crisp palate.

    Bottle 22.95

    15.Prosecco, Il Caggio,

    Italy (2)

    Lovely light style with tangy apple flavours, crisp fruit and a clean finish.

    Quarter Bottle 6.95